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The Fingers Have Nowhere to Walk…

By on February 9th, 2012

Pity the poor Yellow Pages. Once the go-to place that fingers went a-walking to find phone numbers and addresses (remember those old TV commercials where people were snarked at for calling Directory Assistance for numbers that could just as easily be looked up in the phone book?), now, this photo has been making the rounds virally and has been reposted by several folks on The Facebook Machine.

In my own apartment complex, there also remain a few unclaimed phone books. (Oops, one of them must be mine…) Naturally, I take issue with the “stop killing trees” line (even Yellow Pages weren’t printed on recycled paper I would dispute the sentiment), but like other print products (not all, I hasten to add), newer media have supplanted older media simply because Google—or even the Yellow Pages’ own iPhone app—are faster, more convenient, and, often, more relevant.