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Links for 04/10/2012

By on April 10th, 2012

Explore your world…and beyond!

Crisis for US Science Is Looming, Physicists Warn (LiveScience)

Transparent Memory Chips – The Next Step in Memory Storage (SciTechDaily) [Great; I have a hard enough time keeping track of my various thumb drives when they’re visible]

A launch pad for green and clean entrepreneurs (GreenBiz)

Heineken Starts Online Search for Green Beer Packaging (Environmental Leader)

A carbon-negative economy: A practical prospect or a pipe dream? (GreenBiz)

Solvent-free ‘ink’ glows white (Nature)

Natural Disasters Tied to Unnatural Causes (LiveScience)

Whooping cough outbreak in Boulder (Bad Astronomy) [The “antivaccination” movement, based on completely discredited and fraudulent “research,” is helping to being back once-eradicated childhood illnesses—with devastating consequences ]

Everything you always wanted to know about urban chickening (but were afraid to ask) (Mother Nature Network) [While in Barnes & Noble and being bemused by a book called The Chicken Encyclopedia, one of the clerks told me “Yeah, chickens are big,” prompting the question, “Does that mean popular or physically larger?” The former, thankfully.]

Rocker gets rabies shots after bat urinates in his eye (Mother Nature Network) [no, not Ozzy Osbourne]