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Honest Teasing On Facebook

By on May 2nd, 2012

Okay, I confess, I am not the world’s biggest fan of Facebook (but there is also an Enemybook, which is not without its appeal), but here’s an interesting social media campaign. Honest Tea has launched a new Facebook app called The Great Recycle, part of the company’s dream of—by 2020—having every bottle the company produces recycled. Here’s how it apparently works (via Triple Pundit):

  • Download The Great Recycle Facebook app.
  • Give it access to all your information—always a dodgy concept but not if you, like me, don’t actually put sensitive private information on the Internet.
  • The app dredges through your old posts and “recycles” them as new posts with a message to recycle.

You can, of course, decide yourself which posts you want recycled, lest you have any shameful or embarrassing ones lurking in your timeline.

Part of the campaign involved your own personal pledge to recycle X number of bottles per week, presumably anyone’s bottles and not just Honest Tea (I confess I never heard of Hones Tea before this, but I do recycle my share of Saranac Brewing Company bottles).

On Monday, the company had a big rollout of this campaign in Times Square. It’s an interesting idea, and I’d be curious to know what the results have been. I did sign up, so it will be curious what the app dredges up from my past posts (probably bad puns and/or gripes about how bad Syracuse is playing in any of a variety of sports)—and if Honest Tea wants to be in any way associated with them!

  1. One Response to “Honest Teasing On Facebook”

  2. By Radhakrishnan.V on May 7, 2012 | Reply

    Dear Dr.Romano,

    This is really a sensational roll out to recycling old posts if it really works on on Facebook time line …..:-)