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“A Keyboard, How Quaint”

By on December 6th, 2012

Last week I happened to briefly post on The Facebook Machine about a rollable portable keyboard for iPhones, which I thought was kind of cool, and I was roundly chastised (as I usually am, for one reason or another, not always wrongly) for discussing keyboards in this age of Siri and voice wreck ignition technology. So I fully expect the same comments to this interesting idea, via Two Sides UK, about a paper-based iPhone keyboard.

I do acknowledge that, for simple purposes like texting or other brief messaging, Siri-esque voice-activated input is certainly the way to go and far more convenient than typing. I was thinking, though, about longer-form writing such as news stories, features, or even this blog’s usual poorly-written propaganda which, for some of us over a certain age, remains a very tactile process. And, yes, ironically, even when I write dialogue for a stage play it’s still more comfortable and “natural” to type it rather than speak it aloud. I suspect I am not alone on this. So being able to write comfortably on a highly portable device (like an iPhone/rollable keyboard combination) while on a plane, for example, would be of great benefit to me—and, I would expect, the folks sitting next to me who probably do not want to listen to me chattering into my phone for the duration of a flight.