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Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #37

By on January 14th, 2013

Fast-Fact-LogoWhatTheyThink’s Going Green has joined forces with Two Sides to help address the “perceptions” that paper destroys forests, that electronic media are “greener” than print and paper, and that recycling is the solution to all environmental ills.

A recent Pew Internet & American Life Project report, “Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits,” found that “83% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 read a book in the past year. Some 75% read a print book, 19% read an e-book, and 11% listened to an audiobook.”

Why Should You Care?

That is encouraging—and I say this solely because I personally prefer printed books to e-books and want them to stay around and stay viable for as long as I am stalking the Earth. It’s bad enough I shall greatly outlive CDs… Anyway, that is self-serving, of course, but that’s the point; the choice of medium, any medium, is a personal preference.

This is the time of year when everyone starts making forecasts, if not about the coming year then about the near or not-to-distant future, and one thing I inevitably hear when it comes to technology trends, is that people project themselves and their own media preferences into the future without thinking that those who are younger than they are may have different preferences. We also underestimate how quickly things go out of fashion—Facebook usage may very well have peaked (let’s hope so), and SnapChat has become the cool thing for kids. Content will always stay with us—it is the delivery mechanism that will change. What will that delivery look like in 5 years? 10 years? No one can really say.

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